By some odd quirk of fate, it always seems to be me who is at the controls when this happens. Back in 2004 when our old management had the strange idea of simulcasting the station output on its own talkSPORT TV channel, the stock footage of the control room used in promos and bumpers was taken one evening when I was hard at work. Thus for the twelve-month lifespan of the project, it was always my hand you saw opening up a fader to herald the latest plug for King and Cas or Kick Off.

A couple of years ago we were invaded once more, this time by a TV crew for Sky who were filming a documentary on the perils of being England football boss. They were there to cover our post-match phone-in on an England qualifier and took what seemed like hours of footage of the presenters, the telephone switchboard and maybe most excitingly of all both myself and producer Josh in animated discussion. Due to the subject matter (Sven) the show dated quickly so I suspect it will never be shown again, but somewhere in a vault exists a few seconds of me in a loud shirt having an animated, if silent, conversation about some element of the show production. I never did lip read to work out what I was saying.

The point of this reminiscence, for you knew it was coming, is because this afternoon we had a TV crew crawling over us once again, this time from the BBC who were putting together a Newsnight report on the Olympic games and popular perception of it. Interview footage of Ian Collins was thus spliced with action shots of a radio show in action, including of course level meters, telephone switchboards but disappointingly not those all-important action shots of the “Mic Live” light switching on and off, despite the fact we spent about three minutes doing several takes of the moment during an ad break.

So for posterity, here are a couple of screengrabs of me on the TV this evening, or at the very least my left ear which seemed to get most of the action. First, there is me as I sit poised and ready for some immediate fader closure, my left ear almost twitching in anticipation of someone saying something naughty and giving me a reason to press the big fat dump button on the screen. In actual fact I was sat there as rigid as possible with my mind going “shitshitshit a camera is pointing at you, don’t move or do anything silly”.

Then we also have the wide shot of the whole team, as taken from the very back of the control room. Phone operator Russell is deep in conversation with a caller whilst at the same time keeping a weather eye on the studio emails pouring in. Steve the producer is on the left, engrossed either in Sky Sports News on the one TV or whatever it was with the bright blue background on the second screen. Masterton on the meantime is poised with his faders, despite the fact that at 17:09 and around 22 seconds we weren’t due to break for another four minutes and I had absolutely no reason to be touching the console. Good job my left ear was there to break the tension. For now, it ranks as my most high profile body part.